Back in October at the Ajax Experience Conference, I had a chance to sit down with Jack Vaughan from ServerSide.NET to talk about ASP.NET AJAX.

Check it out: Brad Abrams on ASP.NET AJAX (Video)

I'd love your feedback or thoughts...

Here is an idea of what we talked about

  • You have described basic elements of AJAX . but when you looked at it first, what were the main components of AJAX for someone just even starting out?
  • Jack Vaughan: So, a lot more client side caching?
  • And, but it does have a server side and a client side, and as being at this conference, how do you see people's views on where what should be?
  • Okay, well, the.what we called Atlas Controls and now we are calling ASP.NET AJAX Extensions.
  • I think I saw that yesterday. What did you call it the update frame or.?
  • And I think people often have concerns with, when things are generated in terms of verbosity or overhead and you were saying that Microsoft has made an attempt with this to keep things slim?
  • Good. Well, out of the Microsoft world, just the general AJAX picture - I think we are at the point now where people have gone far enough to make some interesting mistakes probably. I was wondering if you have a view on best practices of partitioning the JavaScript, or what have you.
  • Are we getting interesting mix of people and teams with this because JavaScript sometimes is associated with, well, let us say, Arts School people, and .NET is object-oriented with some XML?
  • Well, it seems clear of late that ASP.NET group is pretty committed to a variety of browsers.
  • And through CodePlex and other methods, you are giving people an opportunity to build the community or do their own widgets .?
  • And. so there is a mix of build or buy options for people?