Having been involved in a few of the notably-mediocre names such as "Windows Presentation Foundation" and "Windows Communication Foundation" and the like, I am very excited that we have landed on a good name for our web client platform...  Soma introduced Silverlight on his blog earlier tonight and I hear we are in a demo frenzy down at NAB!    There is no doubt that Silverlight will become a core part of the .NET platform (I even added a category for it ;-)). 

Microsoft Silverlight

This past week I have been getting ready for my Mix talk (which is about.. you guessed it, Silverlight)... I have been spending sometime with some of the cool stuff we announced at NAB..
Expression Media Encoder is a very slick addition to the Expression Suite and while I haven't really explored all its features, I have been able to create some very professional looking experiences very quickly.
IIS7 Media Pack for Windows Server  - This is cool stuff and changes the way you (as a service provider) think about streaming media... When I see the red bar at the bottom of a YouTube work its way all the way to then end right before I navigate away after only watch the first 1 min I think of all the wasted network bandwidth (and money) must be spent on unwatched video!
Oh, and I have of course been playing around with some new ASP.NET stuff as well... It all fits together nicely!