We just finished a very interesting case study on ClickOnce right here at Microsoft.  The study covers our people-and-positions management tool (HeadTrax) that is a .NET Framework app used by 72,000 people world wide.

Deploying an Internal HR Application Using ClickOnce Technology Saves Developer Time and Support Costs


Before moving to ClickOnce our IT group had problem that I think is common in enterprises today..

"The custom deployment method that the Microsoft IT development team used to roll out new versions of HeadTrax was costly to develop and maintain. It included thousands of lines of code to maintain and document. It was difficult to manage the end user’s experience because, with such a diverse worldwide user base, many end users did not have the proper policies, permissions, or prerequisites to use the application whenever a new version came out."

And after ClickOnce? 


Check it out... I'd love to know what you think! Do you have any stories about rolling out ClickOnce in your company?