A while back Matt, Bertrand and I filmed a .NET Show episode focusing on ASP.NET AJAX

Matt Gibbs and Brad Abrams explain how ASP.NET AJAX Extensions enable streamlined AJAX development within Visual Studio.

Show host Robert Hess interviews Bertrand LeRoy, who demonstrates how easy it is to add AJAX to your ASP.NET application.






The .NET Show: ASP.NET AJAX Extensions


Several kind readers wrote in to suggest some "out-of-context words" for us to skillfully work into the conversation...

I am happy to announce the final score..

Matt with a sly reference to "woo-hoo" got him on the board... Bertrand also seamlessly worked in "Transformers"... and finally, I am apparently all talk and no action as I got a big goose-egg! 

Congrats to Matt and Bertand!