One thing I love about blogs is the informal, “instant”, raw feedback it enables. While I would not bet my next 4 billion dollar product plan on the feedback I get on my blog, I certainly let it influence my, and my teams, opinions on a wide range of topics. So, can I buy you a beer and ask you a question?


What is your primary editor you use with you ASP.NET development? I know from reading the forums and talking to some of you at conferences that many of you experience ASP.NET through Visual Studio (did you know we have an absolutely free, completely functional version of Visual Studio??), but I also have some data that indicates some ASP.NET developers do not primarily use Visual Studio… If you don’t use VS, what do you use and why? Is there a way we can support you better in your tool of choice? Or, can we make VS better for you somehow?

We’d love to have your feedback!