Did you know that Microsoft is investing in Second Life?  That is right... we recently bought an island and have developed it with some really cool stuff. 

Check out the details here https://www.visualstudioisland.com/

I am all for new, cutting edge stuff, so I volunteered to do a talk in the brand new auditorium we build there on the island.  Not sure exactly what I am going to say yet, or really how I am going to say it... any tips would be really helpful as I am brand new to Second Life... 


It turns out there is quite a bit going on the island. Check out of few events:

All times are PST....

7/31 4:30 PM - Amanda Silver from VB fame will give a talk on Silverlight and VB.NET

8/21 4:00 PM - "Summer Luau" party... I can't wait to see what this is like ;-)

8/30 3:00PM - Brad Abrams ASP.NET AJAX to Silverlight talk


BTW, please look me up if you go to any of these... I am "Drab Beck" in the game... you gotta love this Second Life stuff!