While I am bummed that I am not able to go to AJAXWorld this time, I am super excited about some of the great stuff I see going on there. 



Joe Stagner is going to give a killer keynote on "AJAX in the balance".  Joe totally gets open source, standards and sometimes, the need for full bet-your-business 24x7 support.  I can't wait to see what he does with this thing.

In addition, there looks like a bunch of cool sessions:

Jesse Liberty - on building Silverlight applications sessions

Joe Stagner on the ASP.NET AJAX platform

Patrick Ruzand on ASP.NET AJAX Controls...

Robert Boedigheimer on the ASP.NET AJAX Control toolkit

Dave Wright - on building Cloud Data Services with "Astoria"

Dave Wolf (from Cynergy) - will talk about rich user experience on the web, it will be interesting to hear his thoughts on Silverlight there...


If you are going, please blog and let me know what you think of these sessions, and what else is cool...