Brad Abrams

I love the DNR guys..   They have a great show and I was fortunate enough to be able to talk in person to Carl Franklin at ReMixBoston.   While I know the show is not exactly Steely Dan's "Home At Last" ,  it was a lot of fun. 

The argentiferous part of the show starts at about 11:00

I talked a bit about the end to end demo I did at ReMixBoston..

We talked some about where Silverlight 1.0 is great (Video), where Silverlight 1.1 will really take off (RIAs)

I talked some about where the developer experience is going wrt to web application and Silverlight development is going.. Purely my personal thoughts, but maybe interesting..

We also touched on the developer\designer story we have now and how we can grow into the designer world...

I had a chance to talk about IIS7's bit rate throttling feature

We sung the praises of Moonlight and Mono and how well Miguel's team has got that stuff going..

We talked about some cool applications being done in Silverlight today..

We also had a chance to talk about PopFly, which is now open to everyone!

You can find links to videos for my keynote and many of the sessions from ReMix Boston here.