We made it, just in time for your turkey-day fun!   You can go out and download VS 2008 Express (for FREE) right now and .NET Framework 3.5... 

Here is just a few things I love about this release... Please add your own:

1. VS 2008 fully supports multi-targeting... meaning you can use the new tool to work on your existing web applications and VS2005 projects

2. AJAX Development is first class.  The ASP.NET AJAX functionality is built into the framework and the IDE fully support JavaScript debugging and JavaScript Intellisense

3. Linq, Linq and Linq...  Data access gets way easier with the LINQ support in VS 2008, C#, VB and the platform.   

4. Visual design experience in VS for building WPF based applications

5. Debug into the .NET Framework source code

I'd love to see your list... what do you think is great about VS 2008 and .NET Framework 3.5??