image You have likely run across the CodeProject before, at least in a web search for some source code..   CodeProject is a community run website focused on providing a HUGE number of Visual Studio and .NET articles and code snippets.   

This community thrives on clear explanations of complex topics... The CodeProject wanted to allow authors to submit content in more than just HTML.  What better way to do that than with Silverlight based video and what more economically way than by leveraging Silverlight Streaming by Live!

1.Get the background on Silverlight at and there are plenty of resources on

2. Karl Shifflett's (of Mole fame) wrote a great article "Creating, Encoding and Delivering Silverlight Streaming Screen Capture Videos".  It of course includes some great videos! 

3. Use the new <Silverlight tag we've added to our online article editor to insert your video into your article. The format is simply:

<silverlight width="200" height="350" src="{relative path to video on}" />

eg. If your Silverlight video is at then your tag would be

<silverlight width="200" height="350" src="invoke/48184/MoleIntroduction/iframe.html" />