Back in the early days of VS2008 planning, I captured some of our thoughts on planning and looks like some of them might be catching on.  I just ran across this entry.  I guess if a few more people use "Peanut Buttering" in this context we could make it into the dictionary! 

Catchword: peanut buttering

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Part of Speech: n.

Quotation: Peanut buttering (v)—The tendency to evenly distribute resources across the full range of a product rather than focusing on a few core Value Propositions. While discussing this issue recently someone described it as “peanut buttering” the product. By spreading out all our resources evenly across the product we lose the opportunity to focus on a few key areas where we can deliver a substantial value proposition. Notice this does NOT mean that we forget the basics.

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“Peanut butter and software planning” (URL)

Brad Abrams

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Brad Abrams

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Nov. 21, 2005