I am super jazzed that we released the Managed Extensibility Framework CTP2 on CodePlex. 

http://www.codeplex.com/MEF blocks.png


We have taken a lot of good feedback in from the community... a few cool things here:


1. We shipped source code!

2. We have a complete set of developer Overviewsguidelines and samples.

3. Because of community feedback, we now support constructor injection

4. MEF itself is now more extensible... For example, want POCO?, no problem, it is now possible to write an extension to store the customer attribute metadata in an external file.    More to come here, but it is a solid start!

5. Lots of API cleanup based on feedback..


Related, we also recently updated  Framework Design Studio to use MEF, so there is an example of using MEF is a real app.  Thanks to Nick Moloney, our excellent high school summer intern for doing this work!


We'd love to hear your feedback and comments!