We are very happy to get out a bug-fix release of the Silverlight 2 DataGrid.  It should be very easy to simply drop this into your project and the get the benefits of a bunch of bug fixes..

This updated DataGrid contains almost 30 fixes to the top issues that we heard, including:

  • Rows containing focus no longer disappear when the ItemsSource changes
  • ComboBox and other controls opening a popup now work as expected
  • DataGrid Selection is preserved when sorting
  • Buttons outside the DataGrid work as expected when they are clicked while the DataGrid is in editing mode
  • Improved FrozenColumn behavior
  • Improved cell currency
  • SelectedItem is updated before the CurrentCellChanged event is raised
  • Many more...

For the full list of fixes check out this post by Brian Braeckel one of our DataGrid developers.

You can find full install instructions and more information on Scott Morrison's blog