All great RIA applications have a meaningful client and server component to them.  Supporting SEO, or Search Engine Optimization in a RIA is an excellent example of using the client and server components.   It doesn’t mater how cool your applications are, if potential users can’t find your site via their search engine of choice (Google, Yahoo, Live, etc) then you are out of luck.  So it is important to plan for that upfront.   It is reasonably simple to do this for static text, even in a RIA application, but most of the really interesting information in many applications is  dynamically loaded and data-driven.   Luckily .NET RIA Services has some SEO support built right in that can be used with RIA applications including Silverlight and Ajax!

In my Mix 09 talk I showed a very simple way to add SEO to a data-driven Silverlight application.  Now Warren (the developer who owns this feature) writes a bit more about it and provides a very cool sample. 

Search Engine Optimization for Silverlight Applications  (the basic idea)

Search Engine Optimization for Silverlight Applications – Part 2 (a working example)

You can also use your search engine of choice to find “Silverlight Store Wireless Keyboard 7000 ” as of this writing Warren’s sample application is the number one hit! If you have Silverlight 3 installed, you will get a nice RIA experience, otherwise you get a reasonable HTML-based experience.


Has anyone tried out this solution with .NET RIA Services yet?  I’d love to hear your feedback and thoughts on this model.