Framework Design GuidelinesA few weeks ago a reader wrote in to tell me that they bought the Kindle version of the Framework Design Guidelines and was disappointed to not receive the DVD.  Well, I was of course immediately jealous because I don’t have a kindle, but when I got over that, I ask the our excellent publishers and Addison-Wesley what we could do for our Kindle readers.  To my (very pleasant) surprise, they suggested that we could just make all the DVD contents available for free on their website.  So now, everyone on the internet gets this small dividend from the kindle! 




Download the entire DVD in one zip file. NOTE: The file is 2.34 GB in size.  This includes a number of very helpful videos of presentations that cover much of the content of the book. 

Download everything but the Presentations, which includes:

Framework Layering tools

TxRef tool for creating simple C# headerfile views of frameworks

Sample API Specification

Links to FxCop and Framework Design Studio

BTW – if you have liked the book, or have some feedback that may help other readers,  I’d appreciate it if you wrote a quick review for Amazon.  This helps customers more quickly find material they are interested in (or not).