A few interesting post on .NET RIA Services…

What is .NET RIA Services and why should you care?

Kevin has a great post here that does a good job of telling people what is interesting about .NET RIA Services with out the marketing spin ;-)

A Domain-Driven, DB4O Silverlight-3 RIA

Great post on doing Domain Driven Rich Internet Application using Silverlight 3, RIA Services and DB4O

Getting Started with .Net RIA Services and .Net RIA Service – Hello World and .Net RIA Services Metadata Programming Model

Great step by step posts to get started with .NET RIA Services..

Microsoft .NET RIA Services Preview

RIA.NET, ADO.NET Data Services… NHibernate?

Some good questions and a few answers on .NET RIA Services…

.NET RIA Services – Implementing Custom Interfaces

Ahh.. the little tips are starting to emerge! 

Episode 40: Shawn Wildermuth on Silverlight 3 and RIA Services

Shawn makes some good points about .NET RIA Services in this podcast… the best one is that we’d love your feedback. Please get in early and tell us what you think!

I am sure I missed some, please send me mail and let me know about it!