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Brad Abrams

Design Guidelines, Managed code and the .NET Framework

May, 2009

  • Brad Abrams

    Survey: Ajax usage among .NET developers in 2009

    A couple of years ago Simone Chiaretta did a survey of .NET Developers usage of Ajax ..   I just saw that he is refreshing that survey to see what has changed in the industry.  Are people still actively moving to Ajax?  Are they using...
  • Brad Abrams

    .NET RIA Services: Get your metadata from anywhere!

    While the feedback on .NET RIA Services has been great, many people have commented on the way we store metadata as custom attributes on “buddy” classes of entities. For example, in my Mix demo to get automatic validation like this: I had to provide metadata...
  • Brad Abrams

    .NET RIA Services at TechEd 2009

    Scott Morrison just published his demo files for his talks at Teched..  He did some great work on to of the SuperHeros demo we did at Mix09 . Get all the Tech Ed 2009 Demo Files
  • Brad Abrams

    The DZone interviews Hamilton Verissimo on MEF

    The DZone has a nice interview with Hamilton on MEF .  Microsoft MEF Q&A with Hamilton Verissimo de Oliveira Hamilton is one of our PMs here at Microsoft as well as the creator of the very popular Castle Project and he will tell you what the...
  • Brad Abrams

    .NET RIA Services May 2009 Preview

    Today we posted a minor update to .NET RIA Services . This release is mainly focused on addressing bug fixes we have heard in the forums and delivering on a few key areas… There are a lot of other long lead work items that will fall into future releases...
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