I had a great time at the LinkedIn Users’ Group meeting… the only down side is that I missed the really bad pizza’s that most User’s Groups offer ;-) 

Here is the demo (and demo steps) I did…  Download.

I’ll post the recording when it gets uploaded as well.

A couple of follow-ups:

  • There was a question about creating your own DomainService for a custom DAL… I’d recommend checking out my DataSet and WCF examples as well as the full source code for the LinqToSqlDomainService
  • Someone asked about offline: Check out Nikhil’s Mix talk.. he covers offline there and printing!  I think he will be updating those demos to current bits next week.
  • For the question about custom auth support… check out my recent blog post on how I create a simple custom auth provider.
  • Someone asked about navigation to dynamically loaded pages.. check out David Poll’s blog
  • Someone asked about doing the Data validation without RIA Services on the server… check out my post
  • There was a question about data validation without using the validation custom attributes.  We have great example of that with the Xml Provider

What questions did a miss??