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  • Blog Post: ZoomEngine.Animation Part 2

    In my last post I presented my declarative XNA animation library called ZoomEngine.Animation.  This time I want to step back and look at how all of the pieces fit together, and show how you can extend the library in your own game. Lets start with the class diagram: ClockManager is the object that...
  • Blog Post: ZoomEngine.Animation Part 1

    ZoomEngine.Animation is a lightweight, easy to use, and powerful declarative animation library for XNA Game Studio. As a gift for those who found my newly revived blog, I decided to share it with you. It’s a small part of a larger game engine called ‘ZoomEngine’, but it doesn’t have any dependencies...
  • Blog Post: Fun With Animation Part 1 - CompositionTarget.Rendering

    Rich runtime support for animation is a key component of WPF and a lot can be said about it. That is why I've started this multi part series of posts on the topic of having fun with WPF animations. Typically application animations are used as subtle visual cues (think blinking caret) or not-so-subtle...
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