I'm not going to reveal anything revolutionary here, but it's important nonetheless.....

IMO, if there's one site that you need to pay attention to at Microsoft, it's this one:

You hate websites?  Or need notification services?
- Make sure to read this if you're going to use the Email services:

When's this information coming in an RSS Feed?....
I hear this one alot lately and the reasons seem great.  Your notifications aren't tied to your email, there would be no more concerns about if the message was really from MS (no SMTP spoofing concerns), etc...

That one I can't help directly with, but definitely let Microsoft know that this is something that customers really want so that we can make the changes.  One Suggestion from me?

The monthly Executive Circle Security Webcast with Mike Nash, Vice President of Microsoft's Security Business Unit, is a resource to help customers keep up-to-date on security improvements across Microsoft.

These webcasts are an opportunity for customers to get the latest details on security enhancements in Microsoft's products as well as tips and insights into key security strategies.

On Tuesday, 16 March 2004 at 8:30AM PST the next monthly Executive Circle Security Webcast will be held with Mike Nash and Eric Lockard, general manager of host security technologies at Microsoft. Log in to learn about security assessment tools and best practices for security policy, assessment and vulnerability analysis.

More information and registration are available at:


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Microsoft PSS Security

Get this in your calendar and let our Security Business Unit know that this is something that you want!!