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April, 2008

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Brandon Turner graduated from Michigan State University in December of 2007 and started work at Microsoft on the Windows Live Writer Team in February of 2008.  His personal website is


Q: What does your blog's name derive from?
A: That is a really good question. 

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    A little early, but who is keeping score? Timers!

    I ran into a problem the other day at work where I had put in an assert to verify that a timer I was using was not being called back too early.  The timer interval was adjusted depending on user interaction and I just wanted to make sure interval...
  • Donkblog

    Winform Boy in a WPF World - Window Handle

    I was fiddling with some WPF stuff the other day and I needed the handle to the form.  Windows in WPF do not have a property to get this like in WinForms, though there is a simple solution.  I have bundled the solution into a property to make...
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