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December, 2008

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About Donkblog

Brandon Turner graduated from Michigan State University in December of 2007 and started work at Microsoft on the Windows Live Writer Team in February of 2008.  His personal website is


Q: What does your blog's name derive from?
A: That is a really good question. 

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    Blog This in Windows Live Writer :: Firefox Add-ons

    We have released an updated extension for Firefox that lets you launch Windows Live Writer from the browser. We are still in the ‘experimental’ category which means you will have to log into to download the add-on until we get more...
  • Donkblog

    Anatomy of a Tech Pundit’s Blog Post

    I like to find out what people are saying about Windows Live Writer , I guess it is a guilty pleasure of mine.  I follow blog searches , forums , Get Satisfaction , and Twitter .  Recently, Robert Scoble posted about Windows Live Writer , and...
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    It might cost you to be popular.

    Earlier today I grabbed some of the Apple Usage App Store data from Charles Teague . I wanted to see if there was an correlation between popularity and the price of any application.  Popularity is a magic number calculated by Apple and it ranges...
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