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What I’ve Been Working On: Office365 in Beta!

What I’ve Been Working On: Office365 in Beta!

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imageUse to be at Microsoft products had predictable release cycles. Released in “waves”, you could anticipate a period of creativity and envisioning at the beginning, a period of hard work coding and hacking in the middle (this is when you sleep in your office), and a period of release and downtime often accompanied with a ship party. Around this time most PMs and architects were already busy doing the envisioning for the next wave, but mostly you kicked back and had a life for a little while. This is how Microsoft had learned to ship software that had a “big bang” release and a version number.

In the cloud, that cycle doesn’t exist.

Our team has been working very hard on Office 365, the successor to BPOS, almost before BPOS was released two years ago. Combined with constant improvements to the existing service, such as the addition of PowerShell, speed and reliability improvements, and an introduction of a more refined service dashboard, it has left our team panting from the exciting but exhausting pace.

It’s an awesome time to be at Microsoft and an awesome time to be in the Microsoft Online team. I can’t wait to get the feedback from our customers on their experience with Office 365.

If you haven’t yet, sign up for the Beta today.

About Brandon

About Brandon


I’m Brandon Werner, a software engineer in Seattle. I love good friends, good coffee, and good ideas shared around a room.

I work for Microsoft in the Windows Azure team helping design the next generation cloud identity platform for people and businesses around the world. I lead the design of the SDKs for all Non-Microsoft platforms for this effort, including node.js, Java, PHP on the server and Android and iOS on devices. I also drive the open sourcing of Microsoft protocol and identity libraries and work to modernize the development experience for developers at Microsoft.

I joined Microsoft in 2008 as part of the scrappy team to build the competitor to Google Apps, which became Office365.

You can follow me on Twitter.

  • Brandon,

    I signed up for the Beta about a month ago. Do you know approximately how long it would take to get access to the Beta program.


  • At the moment, we are phasing our beta launch. If you have signed up and got a confirmation email, you are on the list for access as the beta opens wider.

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