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January, 2004

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    Understanding ACLs in NTFS

    Associating Access Control Lists (ACLs) with files is the fundamental mechanism for securing file system data. Consequently, the #1 rule for securely storing data in files is to ensure the proper ACLs are on your files. Using NTFS so you can have ACLs...
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    What's the "Web Client Network"?

    I had a customer ask me this today, so in case others are wondering: What's the “Web Client Network”? If you open Windows Explorer, click Network Neighborhood , then click Entire Network , you'll see an icon for Web Client Network . The...
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    What makes a valid Windows file name?

    A common question for people starting to program on Windows is, “What makes a valid Windows file name?” You want to use this information to make simplifying assumptions in your code: that names can be no longer than MAX_PATH, that two names...
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    Hello. I'm the Lead Program Manager for network file system technologies in Windows. As I've watched the adoption of blogs as a way to share information among the development community, I thought it would be a good idea to provide a place to share tips...
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