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July, 2007

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    Going offline for a week

    I'll be offline for the next week or so. Sorry if I don't answer your e-mails or comments during that time. I'll try to get caught up early August. In the mean time though, check out this article up on eweek: Setting a New Standard As a user of OpenOffice...
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    US will take a vote on “yes with comments”

    Doug Mahugh has another update on what's going on with the US review of the Open XML standard. They've finalized the ballot, and are will have a couple weeks to vote on whether or not to approve the ballot:
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    Jason Matusow talks about the US vote

    Jason is on the standards team in Microsoft, and he has a blog post discussing some of the moves to block Open XML at ISO coming from the anti-OpenXML movement (they even set up a 2,500 euro bounty on it):
  • Brian Jones: Office Solutions

    iPhone supports Open XML

    This is pretty cool. I already talked about how there is support for the open xml formats on the palmOS . I was looking into the iPhone today and it looks like it has support not just for .doc, .xls, .pdf, and .html; but also has for .docx and .xlsx...
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    Open XML news

    Here are a few interesting links related to the Open XML formats US technical committee reaches deadlock – Doug talks about how the discussions went in the US technical committee tasked with reviewing the Open XML formats. It sounds like they were just...
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    Importing your XML into a spreadsheet

    I'm going to try to get back on top of all the e-mails folks have been sending me. If you've e-mailed me over the past 6 months the odds are that I didn't reply yet, and I'm sorry about that. I'll start reading through the e-mails again and rather than...
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    Spreadsheet formula bugs

    I saw this blog post from Rob Wier the other day, and I thought it would be worth drilling into a bit more. While Rob tends to have a flare for the dramatics he does point out a couple of good bugs in the formulas piece of the Open XML spec. Rob's actually...
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    WordprocessingML Document Model

    I thought it might be worthwhile to give a bit of an overview of the WordprocessingML model that you see in the Open XML standard. There are some people who've played with other formats like HTML or DocBook that are curious why WordprocessingML doesn...
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    Open XML timeline

    I posted on this earlier in the year, but I thought it was worth repeating, as I've seen a number of threads lately that question why Microsoft originally created Open XML rather than going with ODF. As you'll see from the timeline below, both formats...
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    Friday links (July 6, 2007)

    A couple interesting topics I wanted to link to today: Rick Jelliffe makes my week – Rick has a great post called "Slashdotters: all together now… 'Doh!'" that pretty well sums up my experiences over the past several years. When we first announced the...
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    Back from vacation with some good Open XML news

    Hey folks, sorry for not posting in awhile. I was initially going to be on a two week vacation (starting June 15 th ), but some stuff came up with work where I had to fly out to Singapore and Japan for the first week of my planned time off. My wife met...
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