Wow, can't believe it's been over a month since my last post. I've been pretty busy getting back into the Office 14 project, the recently released Open XML APIs, as well as the Office 2007 SP work (where we'll be introducing the ODF support). I haven't had as much time to stay on top of the blogosphere, and also haven't been able to write much myself. For folks interested in following along with interoperability and file formats in Office, I would suggest subscribing to Doug Mahugh's blog. He's a member of Ecma TC45, and has also recently joined the OASIS ODF committee.

Today Doug has a post discussing the updated binary format documentation that was recently released.

I'll definitely aim to continue this blog, but most likely the frequency of posts will be fairly low (maybe once a month?). In the mean time though, here are a few great blogs:

  • Doug Mahugh – Doug is helping to take over a lot of the file format and standards related work I was doing. Doug has been involved with the Open XML work for a couple years now and definitely knows his stuff. I'll continue to work closely with Doug and will definitely follow his blog closely.
  • Gray Knowlton – While Doug will talk from the standards and development point of view, Gray is focused on the Office products. Gray's blog discusses the resources and opportunities available to folks interested in building their own Office business applications. Open XML is just one of the tools available to developers building Office solutions, and Gray plans to discuss them all.
  • Eric White – Eric is on the developer evangelism team and his blog is really the ultimate place to go for hands-on info about building solutions on .NET that take advantage of Open XML. He already has a huge collection of great tools and code snippets. You should definitely check it out if you haven't already.