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  • Blog Post: Open XML is now a US National Standard

    More on Doug's blog: -Brian
  • Blog Post: Norway vote is now “yes” for Open XML

    Norway has also decided to change their vote to "yes" for DIS 29500 (Open XML). Norway had initially voted "no with comments" in September, so it's great to see that they now feel Open XML is ready to be an ISO standard. [ Update 4/1/08 : Standards Norway...
  • Blog Post: South Korea vote is now “yes” for Open XML

    Oliver Bell just informed me that South Korea has decided to vote for approval of DIS 29500 (Open XML) as an ISO standard. This is a change from their original "no with comments" posisiton they took back in September, and is great news. South Korea was definitely influential in some of the bigger decisions...
  • Blog Post: Denmark vote is now “yes” for Open XML

    Jesper Lund Stocholm is reporting that Denmark has decided to change their initial vote of "no" in September to "yes" for ISO approval of DIS 29500 (Open XML). Here is a pointer to the press release: As Stephen McGibbon put it: "Denmark is a ISO/IEC JTC1 P member and has changed...
  • Blog Post: Finland vote is now “yes” for Open XML

    Here's the official statement, although it's in Finnish: Finland had initially voted "abstain" back in September, but they have now decided to change their vote to "yes" in support of DIS 29500 (Open XML) as an ISO standard. -Brian
  • Blog Post: HP in favor of Open XML "In the current vote on OOXML at JTC 1, HP is supporting an affirmative vote in those national standards bodies in which HP is active." -Brian
  • Blog Post: Czech vote is now “yes” for Open XML

    I just saw this on Stephen McGibbon's website: The Czech Republic has decided to change their vote to "yes" for DIS 29500. The Czech national body (led by Jirka Kosek ) played an important role in the technical...
  • Blog Post: ODF editor believes Open XML standardization is good for ODF

    Via Stephen McGibbon: " Patrick Durusau has posted another thoughtful contribution to the document formats standardisation debate" -Brian
  • Blog Post: German technical committee votes “yes” on Open XML

    There was an article published last week that describes the results of the voting in the technical committee of the German National Body for Standardization (DIN). DIN has been leading the way on a number of areas relating to file formats including the harmonization work between Open XML and ODF. ...
  • Blog Post: Out of time?

    I wanted to talk about some of the comments I wish we could have dealt with but we didn't have enough time. We'll need to follow up with the national body for more information, and deal with it in maintenance. Here's the full list if you are interested (
  • Blog Post: Sun’s view of standards

    Interesting post from Stephen McGibbon: -Brian
  • Blog Post: Mapping documents in the binary format (.doc; .xls; .ppt) to the Open XML format

    I wanted to call everyone's attention to a few interesting developments in Ecma's proposed disposition document related to the Office binary formats. There were a few comments from national bodies that asked about the documentation of the Office binary formats and the availability of those documents...
  • Blog Post: Responses now complete for all 3,522 comments

    Yesterday night Ecma TC45 and the Editor of DIS 29500 were able to publish the final drop of our responses to the 3,522 national body comments. The Ecma status report just went live today, and you can access it here:
  • Blog Post: Why all the secrecy?

    Alex Brown, a long time member of SC34 and the convener of the upcoming BRM for DIS 29500 provided some additional insight into the ISO/IEC rules behind keeping the national body comments confidential. National Bodies submit their comments as part of the fast track process with the understanding that...
  • Blog Post: IBM’s Rob Weir makes it clear… he wants war

    Last spring, we saw some positive developments in the file format world. We started to reach a critical mass of tools that support open formats. There were millions of downloads of the compatibility pack which allowed existing Microsoft Office customer to get full support for Open XML for free. There...
  • Blog Post: Weird Moment of the Day

    I saw this blog from one of the current chairs of the ODF committee in OASIS: So, ODF was adopted as an ISO standard about a year ago, and since then there has already been a new version of ODF (1.1) released by OASIS, and they are supposedly...
  • Blog Post: It’s hard damned work trying to make this process look so bad

    Ecma TC45 and the project editor are making great progress in the resolution of comments we received from the national bodies a few months ago. The result will be an even better spec than we had last year, and this really helps highlight the benefits of the standardization process. Of course there are...
  • Blog Post: Standards expert Jan van den Beld now blogging

    Jan van den Beld, a long time member of the standards community and former Secretary General of Ecma international is now blogging: I had the privilege of working with Jan last year when we proposed the creation TC45 and then over the...
  • Blog Post: Another word-processor supporting Open XML

    It looks like AbiWord, which is an open source word processing application is now working on Open XML support. They finished up inline formatting about a month ago, and I'm not sure what they are currently working on. So, now we have...
  • Blog Post: We’re getting closer to ISO approval of Open XML!

    Well, we're almost done with the latest stage in the ISO standardization of Open XML. On Monday, all the national bodies voting on Open XML (I think there are a bit over 100 total!) will submit their current opinion on the Open XML standard. I think that even at this stage we'll probably see that the...
  • Blog Post: Ecma meetings in Toronto

    Well we're in the middle of our last face to face meeting for Ecma TC45 before the ISO vote on September 2. Novell is hosting it up in Toronto, and it's actually given us a chance to meet some of the developers who are integrating Open XML into Open Office. They had initially worked with the XSLTs coming...
  • Blog Post: US to vote “yes” on Open XML

    Similar to what we just saw from Germany earlier this week, the US has voted to approve Open XML as an ISO standard. The result of the vote for "yes with comments" is posted here:
  • Blog Post: Back from Winnipeg

    I was out for the past week at a family event in Winnipeg. I didn't have any access to e-mail or internet and was pretty surprised to see the number of comments from my post last week . I have to admit I don't think I'll be able to read through and reply to them all, but I'll give it my best. Some...
  • Blog Post: US will take a vote on “yes with comments”

    Doug Mahugh has another update on what's going on with the US review of the Open XML standard. They've finalized the ballot, and are will have a couple weeks to vote on whether or not to approve the ballot:
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