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  • Blog Post: Accessing OData for SQL Azure with AppFabric Access Control and PHP

    If you are having trouble making sense of the title of this post, I don’t blame you. To clear things up, here’s what this post is about (which I couldn’t fit any more concisely into a title): The SQL Azure Labs team has made it possible to consume data in SQL Azure as an OData feed...
  • Blog Post: Access Control with the Azure AppFabric SDK for PHP

    In my last post I used some bare-bones PHP code to explain how the Windows Azure AppFabric access control service works. Here, I’ll build on the ideas in that post to explain how to use some of the access control functionality that is available in the AppFabric SDK for PHP Developers . I will again...
  • Blog Post: Understanding Windows Azure AppFabric Access Control via PHP

    In a post I wrote a couple of weeks ago, Consuming SQL Azure Data with the OData SDK for PHP , I didn’t address how to protect SQL Azure OData feeds with the Windows Azure AppFabric access control service because, quite frankly, I didn’t understand how to do it at the time. What I aim to...
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