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  • Blog Post: The SQL Server ODBC Driver for Linux is Available!

    The first beta release of the SQL Server ODBC Driver for Linux is available for download! As announced in October , the “Multiplatform Team” (a.k.a. the “MPlat Team”) has released a preview version of a driver that will provide first-class access to SQL Server from applications...
  • Blog Post: Working Down the Stack: Enabling ODBC Tracing with the SQL Server Driver for PHP

    A couple of weeks ago I ran into some problems when figuring out how to do backups and restores with the SQL Server Driver for PHP . The problem itself* isn’t the point of this post, but how the problem took me further down the stack is. The short story is that a query I was executing from PHP seemed...
  • Blog Post: SQL Server Access From Linux - What Do You Think?

    Microsoft is getting serious about offering SQL Server access from Linux...and your input is being requested. Actually, the request is that you provide your thoughts about Microsoft offering ODBC support for non-Windows platforms (which would provide SQL Server access from Linux) by completing this survey...
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