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  • Blog Post: Using PDO::quote with Parameterized Queries

    I spent some time last week investigating a puzzling issue raised in the SQL Server Driver for PHP forums: Need help with PDO::quote() and PDOStatement::bindValue and PDO::execute using new SQLSRVR 2.0 driver . At the heart of the issue was this question: Should you use the PDO::quote method to quote...
  • Blog Post: Do Stored Procedures Protect Against SQL Injection?

    When I’ve asked people about their strategies for preventing SQL injection, one response is sometimes “I use stored procedures.” But, stored procedures do not , by themselves, necessarily protect against SQL injection . The usefulness of a stored procedure as a protective measure has...
  • Blog Post: What's the Right Way to Prevent SQL Injection in PHP Scripts?

    How to prevent SQL injection in PHP scripts is probably a topic that doesn’t need anything more written about it. It is pretty easy to find blog posts, documentation, videos, etc. that explain the importance of preventing SQL injection and suggestions for preventing it. In fact, I’ve already written...
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