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Visual C++ FAQ

Visual C++ FAQ

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Today we updated the Visual C++ Frequently Asked Questions page. If you have any questions that you want added to the list, go ahead and ask them here and I'll try to get them added to the list.
  • Great job!thanks.
    i have one queastion can i compile manage code to local machine code in the next version of powerful VC++?
  • Application closed unexpectedly when there are mscal.ocx and msacal70.ocx registered.

    My application was built from Visual C++ version 6.0, it uses some ActiveX files, one
    of them is Mscal.ocx (Calendar Control) version This application was working well in Win95/NT/2000 when the mscal.ocx version is registered.

    Problem found when the application runs on Win 2000 Office XP which has msacal70.ocx in directory C:\Program Files\..., when attempting to open a calendar dialog, Microsoft error message was popped up, pressing OK button on the error message would close the application.

    After unregister msacal70.ocx and registered mscal.ocx, the calendar works properly. However, this will work only for the applications built in Visual C++ 6.00 but will not work for any Visual FoxPro applications.

    Is there any way that won't affect any apllications built by Visual C++ or Visual FoxPro while mscal.ocx can be used in C++ applications and msacal70.ocx in FoxPro in the same time without register or un-register any of the ActiveX files ?
  • I am using OUTLOOK for my mail program (not Outlook Express). When I open Outlook, I get an error message that reads: "Microsoft Visual C++ Debug Library. Debug Error! Abnormal program termination. Press retry to debug application." Well, when I click on RETRY, it shuts down the program. When I reopen it, it works perfectly. What can I do to eliminate this error message? Thanks
  • Hi
    Is it possible to change the default file extensions that the VC++ compiler recognizes as C++ code? Specifically is it possible to define C (capital C) as C++ source code file and not as C source file
    Thank you in advance
  • We have a large multiplatform C++ library that handles a complex industrial hardware on Linux and Windows. We've ported it on Zaurus with no problem. We have two obstacles on Embedded Visual C++: no support for STL streams and no support for dynamic_cast and typeid. The patch DLL is fake. Reimplementing RTTI is not our option.

    We hear that Visual C++ 2005 is going to support Pocket PC 2003 development. The question is whether it is going to have a _full_ support of RTTI and STL?
  • Nowadays,I am programming with ADSI,I just want to have a test of it.So I design a program which can create a new user in the AD.But when it run IADs::SetInfo(),it is wrong!
    Can you analysis this problem?Thanks!
    By the way,I am a Chinese,so my English is very poor,forgive me!
  • I want to LPT parallel port programming with VC++6 on win XP platform. Please help me. Thank you.
  • I'm using Visual and writing a simple MFC Dialog based application in C++. It is intended to run on Win 98 but after starting the exe i get the message that the "oleacc.dll" is unable to start and can't be found.
    What i have to do that this error does not occur?
  • I would like to know the difference between visual and visual studio 6.0.
  • How to change C++ program(old product) from Visual C++ version 1.52 to version 6.0? Or what is differences that need to change code?
    Is there some software to automatically change old codes to new verion code?
    Thank you.
  • I was trying to download visual c++ compiler and i could not successfuly do that .
    What is the step by step of downloading ?
    for example first, second, thired, and last step??

    thank you
  • If I complie Visual C++ code to a EXE,
    can this EXE work on WINDOWS-2000, WINDOWS XP,
    WINDOWS 98, WINDOWS 95, and WINDOWS NT and go
    to another machine and run the EXE With
    out VISUAL C++ NOT LOADED on the Machine?
  • Thanks,
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