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Visual C++ Toolkit 2003

Visual C++ Toolkit 2003

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Yesterday we posted the Visual C++ Toolkit 2003. This toolkit includes the full Visual C++ 2003 optimizing compiler. If you're already using Visual Studio .NET 2003, then you don't need to download this toolkit unless you just want to see what this is all about. The information page for the toolkit includes links to 4 articles that are designed to show different features of the compiler and it also includes a small FAQ that describes the toolkit in more detail. Here's a link:

Visual C++ Toolkit 2003

I see they picked this up already at ActiveWin. I'll add a headline link to the Visual C++ Developer Center on Monday.
  • Brian,

    this is so cool. i'm sure the guys from sharp develop will be happy to integrate the compiler with their ide... :) [ i'll still be using visual studio though... :) ]

    btw: this got picked up alread at ( ) also.

  • cirus: How does it feel to have such a small brain?

    MS: Great news!! Finally, normal people doesn't have to use the Borland free commandline tools. Finally some proper directX support ;-)
  • Pretty cool. BTW, I notice that the CL compiler that comes with Visual Studio .NET 2003 has version number 13.10.3077 whereas the one from the VC++ Toolkit is 13.10.3052. Is this the same for you?
  • This is perfect for me!! I use MSVC++ 6.0, and this .NET 2003 edition compiler and linker is perfect for me to import my makfiles with and make a more stable XP builds to release with the originals, and all for free!
  • A hopeful sign. Does anybody know whether it's possible (and legal) to use this compiler with the "Standard" (a.k.a. "Crippleware") version of the Visual C++ IDE? MS don't sell the Professional version any more, and I'm not going to shell out for the whole of Visual Studion when I don't want, and won't use, most of it.
  • This was really great news and I am glad now we have some competition for the Intel C++ compilers and better C++ compilers than the ones that Borland Ship (Mind you I do use the C# Builder)plus these compilers are from Microsoft to boot. I have worked on some of the samples and this is really great stuff.
  • Hmmm... Has anyone else noticed that the toolkit lacks any facility for linking against the DLL C run-time libs? It also lacks libcmtd.lib. Not sure whether that was intentional or an oversight. Otherwise, it works great for all of my projects.
  • Thank you MICROSOFT, I appreciate this very much. Now I am satisfied again with C++ .NET 2003 : Really Cool.
    Also some critisism: Updates would be cool too, but you here my complain less further now.


    Enjoy your day further,
  • Splendid! Grabbing it with my 33.6 kpbs link ;) Yarr!
  • Splendid! Grabbing it with my 33.6 kbps link ;) Yarr!
  • When launching the Toolkit from its shortcut in the Start menu a command window appears which has a spelling mistake. Instead of documentation it says documentaion.
    Also, the Toolkit is only installed for the current user, as opposed to other tools such as the Platform SDK, which install for all users. So, the Toolkit’s shortcut appears only in the current user’s Start menu and so does the environment variable. It is only set for the current user.
    Why do such errors occur? I thought that you check a lot your apps before releasing them. If we could find a spelling mistake in minutes what about other errors, which are hidden?

  • No NMAKE.EXE. No problem, it's in the .NET Platform SDK anyway.

    No LIB.EXE. Can't make libraries, and I want to build wxWidgets that happens to be a library! BIG PROBLEM. Is there a freely available package from MS that contains LIB.EXE?
  • No problem. Lib.exe is just a wrapper around link /lib. Try running Link /lib from a command line and see.
  • My company uses C++ 6.0 for all development.
    Should I install this on my machine?
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