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May, 2004


    WTL on SourceForge

    The Windows Template Library (WTL) is now available on SourceForge. If you're not familiar with this library, it extends ATL and it's great for building Windows applications. A couple of things to note about the WTL. It requires ATL, so you'll need to be running at least the standard version of Visual C++ to get that. Here's the link:
    Project: Windows Template Library (WTL)
    Windows Template Library (WTL) is a C++ library for developing Windows applications and UI components. It extends ATL (Active Template Library) and provides a set of classes for controls, dialogs, frame windows, GDI objects, and more.
    The Code Project has a great WTL Page that has tons of examples.

    TechEd Next Week

    I'll be at TechEd all next week. The show is sold out, but if you're going and you're a C++ developer, you'll want to check out Kate Gregory's talk on Monday:
    DEV331 - Visual C++: Using the .NET Framework in Win32/MFC Applications
    Are you a MFC developer confused about the Microsoft roadmap for Visual C++? Do you want to learn how you can enable your MFC applications with new features using the .NET Framework? (Did you know that was even possible?) Attend this session and learn a variety of techniques for extending and reusing your tried-and-true MFC applications and components with the .NET Framework. Become your own Upgrade Wizard and take your MFC code into a new era.
    and you'll want to check out Herb Sutter's talk on Friday:
    DEV333 Visual C++ 2005: The Language of Choice for Native and .NET
    Visual C++ 2005 introduces an improved C++ language design for taking advantage of the .NET Framework without leaving behind any native features. Hear from the lead architect of the new language design and see how it brings C++ language strengths like deterministic finalization and templates to .NET development...
    There are a number of other good C++ talks scheduled. I'll try to get as much information about these out over the next couple of weeks as I can. I'll be blogging from the conference, and I'll probably do a little moblogging from there also. If you're at the show, you'll probably find me in the cabanas, or feel free to drop me a note at I'd like to get some feedback and ideas from customers about the future direction of the Visual C++ Developer Center.

    Eric Fleegal Weblog

    Eric Fleegal of the Visual C++ team recently started a Weblog. If you're a regular visitor to the Visual C++ Developer Center, you'll recall Eric's excellent article, Microsoft Visual C++ Floating-Point Optimization. Here's a link and a blurb from his first blog entry:
    Eric Fleegal's WebLog
    I work for the Visual C++ group at Microsoft where I am responsible for determining the quality of floating-point code generation. My interests include validated numerical computing and generative programming. My most recent research involves validating floating-point optimizations using interval-analysis.

    New Car, Virtual Shopping

    Last week I went out and bought a new car. It's our second car, so I didn't have a huge budget for the thing and I was pretty much sure I wanted to buy a Jeep Liberty. I also had it in my head that for the same price I might be able to pick up something really interesting like a Mustang. We shopped around a bit and to my dismay I discovered that I couldn't fit three kids into the back of the Mustang. So the woman showing us cars suggest a Ford Focus. I didn't think that sounded the least bit interesting, but I drove it around and it was fun. I didn't buy it but I decided to do a little research that night.

    What I found when researching the Focus was a really active online community; very helpful people and some great online forums. The Focus it seemed had a serious fan base. It didn't hurt to see pictures of Colin McRae driving the thing around either. So it's got a great fan base and it's a cool rally car, what's left? How about a few test drives on Project Gotham Racing 2 and RalliSport Challenge? Yes, it's definatly a fun car there too.

    So the next morning we headed to the Jeep dealer to buy the Liberty. At the very last second I decided to go back to the Ford dealership and buy the Focus. I mentioned to the people selling me the car that I did some test driving on the Xbox and they thought that sounded pretty cool, though I'm not sure they understood what I was talking about.

    The two big takeways for me in this were that community made a difference in my buying decision, and that having the car available in a video game gave me a chance to really play with the car before I bought it. After a week I'm really quite happy with my decision.


    You don't want to miss this...

    Jesper Johansson's latest column on TechNet. The title says it all:
    Help: I Got Hacked. Now What Do I Do?
    Let’s just say you did not install the patches like we discussed last month. Now you got hacked. What to do?
    After you read that, go back and look at Oh Patch How I Hate Thee; Let Me Count the Ways.

    Windows XP Service Pack 2 Demos

    We posted the slides and the demo code from Tony Goodhew's XPSP2 talk on Monday. You can download them here:
    Windows XP Service Pack 2 Code Demos
    With Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2), Microsoft is introducing a set of security technologies that will help improve Windows XP-based computers' ability to withstand malicious attacks from viruses and worms. To developers these technologies will have impacts on the applications that they create and the tools they use. This download contains code samples and a PowerPoint deck dealing with these impacts. This information was originally presented by Microsoft Product Manager Tony Goodhew in an MSDN Webcast.

    XPSP2 Webcasts


    Just a reminder, there's an XPSP2 webcast scheduled to begin at 1:00 PM (PST) today. There are two more scheduled for this week. I'll try to get a headline up on the Security Developer Center for each one, but here's the rest of the list for now:

    Tuesday: Developing Applications Under Windows XP Service Pack 2
    Wednesday: SQL Server and Windows XP SP2
    Thursday: Windows XP Server Pack 2 Change Walkthrough

    Get registered for these and you'll revieve an e-mail reminder before the event. Tony's talk on Monday was absolutely great. I'm getting his slides and samples up on the download center soon. I'll post when it's ready.


    Mike Nash Chat on Wednesday

    Mike Nash hosts his monthly security chat this week on Wednesday, May 13th at 9:00 AM (PST). You can click this link to add an appointment to your calendar. Here's a link to the information page:
    Microsoft Security Chat Series
    Join Mike Nash, Vice President for the Microsoft Security Business Unit, and his team of security experts each month. Microsoft is working hard to improve security and Mike and his team invite you to join them in a candid Q&A session.

    Visual C++ Toolkit Articles Updated

    Yesterday, we updated the Visual C++ Toolkit 2003 articles with the name of the author, Kate Gregory. We also added a link to her excellent book, Microsoft Visual C++ .Net 2003 Kick Start to each of the articles so you can read more from Kate.


    Office 2003 Updates

    This is sort of a note to myself. (A Chris Sells thing. Sorry, I can't find the entry where describes this.) I have troubles installing the Office 2003 updates through Office Update. I found the Office 2003 Editions Administrative Updates page and now I'm much happier.
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