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MSN Messenger IM Status

MSN Messenger IM Status

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Datagrid Girl says that MSN Messenger should have more IM status icons. I agree.  

[Datagrid Girl]

  • Stewing (ask me why I am mad)
  • Thinking (go away unless you agree with my ideas)
  • Be nice to me (sad)
  • Playing (it's only Tetris, feel free to bug me)


I would add…


  • Coding (If you’re going to bug me, this better be good.)
  • Starbucks (If you want me, call the cell.)
  • Hiding (I’m not answering your e-mail, so why do you think I want to talk to you?)
  • There needs to be an extensibility API so you can create your own (like "being in bedroom with girl").
  • It's not just that it needs more status codes; it also needs more status icons. e.g. for "Out to Lunch", the little avatar ought to have a sandwich or something. At the moment, all you get is the little clock thing.
  • Hey, just download the plugin from and you do have them instantly :-)

    Just be sure to click "NO" during installation to avoid the ad-ware to be installed.
  • Uwe, thanks for the Tip , that Plugin was neat, only one problem, the adware is not getting uninstalled :(
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