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My Car

My Car

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I snapped this picture of my car today. (It's the Focus next to the Ferrari) :) In all honesty, I was a little nervous pulling out of the parking spot. This is really the most stunning car I've ever seen outside of a showroom.

  • I had to walk past that Ferrari on my way to my Pontiac Grand Am... I don't find that motivational :)
  • You have to come in Maranello ... you'll see a lot of these cars :)
  • ohhh. i want! :P actually, i wouldent mind any car at this stage! DAMN BUS!
  • I guess I'm jaded. At defunct startup where I used to work (which shall remain nameless) had about 50 employees, but in the parking lot we had two Lamborghini Diablos, a Ferrari Testarossa, a Dodge Viper, an Acura NSX, and countless 300ZXs. Sadly, none of them were mine.
  • I like it too. That's why I parked it there. :-)

    If anyone wants to see it up close and personal then just let me know. I take people for spins all the time.

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