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Xbox HDTV Support

Xbox HDTV Support

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This week I bought a widescreen monitor for my PC that also supports HDTV. I've got this hooked to my Xbox and so I was looking for the 1080i games to test things out. I found a great list here at HDTVArcade that shows the different resolutions supported by each game.
  • I'm in the market for a wide-screen monitor that supports HDTV. What model did you get?
  • Hey Brian,

    It's a Viewsonic N1700W. Here's a link:

    I got it for about $600 at ecost. I really love this display on my desktop. I've got it hooked to a Media Center PC and so that works out really well.

    As an LCD television, this seems to be a good deal for an HDTV wide screen.

    One think that really surprises me is how good the speakers are. I had planned on not even using them, but after hearing these speakers, I put away the set that I had on the desk and went with this.

    Best of luck,

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