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Halo 2 vs. Half-Life 2

Halo 2 vs. Half-Life 2

Well, it's not really like that, but Steve posted that he's tempted to get an Xbox simply to play Halo 2. I'm having similar pains over Half-Life 2. My beautiful wife picked up a copy of Halo 2 for me this morning at Target. On my home PC, I've got a ready to activate copy of Half-Life 2. The problem is, after playing the source beta for Counter-Strike 2, I find that my video card isn't quite up to snuff for the HL2 release. So my conundrum is, do I buy a new video card so that I can play HL2, or do I save myself 250 bucks and just get some of the other great new Xbox games that are coming out this fall? The mind reels...

Update: I'm going to get a new video card and at get the game.(Eventually) I didn't mean to start a Vi vs. Emacs war, my only point was that I don't have to screw with the console games at all. I can just pop a disk in and play it. The PC is a little tougher, as I want to play wide screen and I want it to run well. I love playing Counter-Strike, so there was never really a question that I would get the software. I'm also looking forward to playing with the source code and maybe building a level or two. :)

  • halo 2 owns half-life's ass by miles. all u pc geeks get of ur crusty computer chairs and relax on ur bed and play the best game to ever grace this earth which is HALO2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • You nubs. Half Life 2 will give it to Halo 2 from behind, in the ASS, hard, as Halo 2 screams "Oh half life! I worship you! You are my daddy!" etc. Seriously. There is no comparison. Having almost beat Halo 2 at a friend's house, I can already tell you that Half Life 2 will blow it out of the water. Halo 2 is fun for about...3 hours. Then it's the same old shoot aliens crap, like the first one turned into. Don't get me wrong, it's a fun game, but the technical detail just isn't there. HL2 owns it in almost every aspect. If you don't believe me, check out the 25 minute trailer for it, available at fileplanet.
  • dude get the new video card because then you can play all the new games with the source engine not just half-lif 2 but also dod source and cs source plus is you like pc games there are more great games coming out that require nice video cards it is an update you will eventually have to make if you are an avid pc gamer or if you just use your computer once in a while. So I would just get the video card, but you try H2 just to see if u like it befoer you by the video card. You might like xbox games more but i doubt it the source engine is off the hook just check out the video demos fricken crazy. :-)
  • i agree with the person above HL2 is going to be way better just go get a new video card, SERIOUSLY, it isnt that big of a deal!!!
  • actually, in hl2 you won't need as high end of a comp to play it as doom3 cause Valve didn't want to limit the number of copies sold due to not everyone having supercomputers.
  • I've been waiting for HL2 since I finished the original,lol. Did the Halo thing, didn't work for me. Looked too much like a per-schoolers game. HL2 is going to be "the best game of all time", on any format be it pc or xbox.

  • I agree wid wee man Halo 2 is a kicker... Halflife 2 is good but not the same enjoyment
  • According Game Informer
    Hl2 got 9.5/10 whilst halo2 got 10/10

    im not sure how much biased each review has - i.e. does the reviews review in terms of every other xbox only games or all games.

    though hl2 and halo are 2 different games. both have aliens but both are different. Halo is for multiplayer. single player is massively short. half life 2, i rekon, will be best fo sp. cs 1.6 according to friends is more fun than source. though that could be due to mods available for 1.6

    get a better pc. cause the no. of games that will come out will be more in favour of pc. wait for san andreas for pc. xbox has a limited life - till xbox '2'comes out.
  • what other xbox games are coming out that will be good?

    cause as far as im concerned, halo/2 is the ONLY game for xbox. though u may wait to save for hl2 for xbox :p

    turn xbox into your ex-box!
  • I just beat halo 2 and its a good game, probaly the best for the x-box, but when it comes to comparing halo 2 vs. half life 2, HALF LIFE 2 is going to walk all over halo 2
  • OH and by the way a great x- box game can not compete with a great computer game
  • The thing that really pisses me off about all this Halo 2 that everyone thinks its the greatest thing. Half-life 2 is going to far exceed Halo 2's repetitive upgrade of its predecessor. If it weren't for Half-life..there would be no Halo. Half-life birthed the fps with a story. Ive been looking forward to Half-life 2 for the past 6 years, ever since i beat Half-life 1 and all its expansions (Blue Shift, and Opposing Force). Another thing that pisses me off is the fact that everyone bases a game off of its multiplayer. No one ever takes the time to play the single player and rate the gameplay and level design and all the time it takes to make the levels. Halo seems to be the greatest game out to everyone because thats ALL they play. Xbox'ers normally dont have gaming PC's, and they also fail to realize that PC's MAKE console games. Half-life 2's physics engine,interactivity, storyline, and gameplay are going to make it the best shooter of all time, just like its predecessor. My advice is to not miss out on this wonderful experience, and upgrade your computers, like I did, and if you havent played Half-life 1's unique and enthralling storyline yet, DO IT and you will see what the hype is all about. AMEN.
  • Oh and another thing..dont save for "Halflife 2 for X-box" FPS's belong on a PC with a MOUSE, none of this autoaim business..grrr.
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