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Halo 2 vs. Half-Life 2

Halo 2 vs. Half-Life 2

Well, it's not really like that, but Steve posted that he's tempted to get an Xbox simply to play Halo 2. I'm having similar pains over Half-Life 2. My beautiful wife picked up a copy of Halo 2 for me this morning at Target. On my home PC, I've got a ready to activate copy of Half-Life 2. The problem is, after playing the source beta for Counter-Strike 2, I find that my video card isn't quite up to snuff for the HL2 release. So my conundrum is, do I buy a new video card so that I can play HL2, or do I save myself 250 bucks and just get some of the other great new Xbox games that are coming out this fall? The mind reels...

Update: I'm going to get a new video card and at get the game.(Eventually) I didn't mean to start a Vi vs. Emacs war, my only point was that I don't have to screw with the console games at all. I can just pop a disk in and play it. The PC is a little tougher, as I want to play wide screen and I want it to run well. I love playing Counter-Strike, so there was never really a question that I would get the software. I'm also looking forward to playing with the source code and maybe building a level or two. :)

  • nicly said Fritzler, Hicks, and persian mafia your absolutly right PC's will always dominate shity consoles
  • ^Some of you guys need to learn how to spell ^.

    I've played through the entire game of Halo 2 and found that there was almost no closure to the game. What a let down. The story's pretty garbage and the graphics aren't the best. The only reason I had my girlfriend buy it for me was because I needed to play it and get it over with. Atleast that's how it felt after the first two levels. Not enough fighting on earth. A mouse would be much better, can't wait to play it on PC.

    As for Half Life II. All I have to say is WOW. graphics, storyline, interactive npcs and objects, secretive storyline. I want to get the Collectors Edition which is HL2, CS: Source, and HL1 w/ the HL2 engine.

    Bottom Line: Get the graphics card man. You won't regret it.
  • 1day 5hours 28 min and counting
  • They are both great games. I have had experiance with both. Halo online via LAN and beat the single palyer and i can say having played it throughly It is a great game. Im not so sure it left the impression halo 1 left the first time playing. But when it comes down to 2 tv's 2 xbox's and 8 friends fragging eachother halo's definatly got the advantage in THAT particular department.
    I'm not here to hate on halo or HL2 but i would personally go with HL2, just because ive played the beta and i LITERALLY crapped my pants. not to say halo's gameplay is not fun but talk about revolutionary taking the physgun and throwing a table full of boxes and watermelons and watching them smash on the floor. After playing the beta for abot 20 minutes i threw a chair in my yard and I can almost say that real physics are catching up the HL2's engine! Thats only the beginning of it though these graphics are second to none beside Doom 3 and far cry. But are in my opinion the most real looking of the bunch. And good luck fighting more than 2 or so enemies at once, mabye its just my poor planning but i seriously think that the AI in Hl2 is smarter than i am no joke. I got surrounded so many times. If you have the money definatly pick up HL2 because you also get the mod capibilites DOD source and CS source look awesome.
  • since i guess i was hating a lil on halo i guess i should defend it a little, the story may have been poor but its the same concept of the second matrix, its just a filler to the third game which will no dobut be put off until Xbox 2's release so that should be sweet
  • Well Said Batman
  • where did all my text go that i type about halo 2 vs HL2? can someone answer that
  • Hey Persian,

    I hid some the posts with too much profanity in them. It's nothing you're saying in particular. You can say anything you want about the games, just keep it a little cleaner.


  • Ok sorry about that. Is it possible if u can put it up the things that i said and put *** instead of the bad words. I will keep the profanity to a 0.
  • Sure, here they are:

    I saw this clip on how many dumb **** where waiting in line for that garbage game halo 2, poeple even missed there work and i was laughing my head of because all i had to do is click some bottens, punch in some numbers in the comfurt of my own home and i got the silver pack for hl2. I love valve. And to top it all off i think that metroid prime and metroid prime 2 will always domiate and be by far a better game than *** ass halo and halo 2. Reminds me of pacman, running in cirlce and killing monsters. And i cant wait for resident evil 4 :)

    and this one:

    Tough decision to make. Hmmm Halo 2 or Half Life 2. LOL what is there to decide of course HL2. What the hell was halo 1, with its repetitive maps and *** ass environments that don’t do anything. SHIT in HL2 you can kill one person so many ways that you will play the game in tell you find it all. Just thinking about Halo and Halo 2 make me laugh. All you do is move forward kill some aliens with your gun move forward kill some more aliens and then you see a car u can get in “Holy shit” you say to yourself. I don’t know about you guys but in Halo you count shoot the machine gun in the back of the car all you did was drive. ***. With all that aliens in that game at least they could of make it cool by controlling them… o I’m sorry HL2 has that. WOW when I saw that clip when you control those bugs. Now lets take about multiplayer. For how long was counter strike the best multiplayer game? From what vs1.1 and plus all those mods that comes with it. And for those Xbox lover waiting for xbox 2 wont make a difference because pc’s will always dominate and systems, because everyday ati and nvidia is ganna come out with a more better and power full graphics card. To finish this all up Halo and Halo2 is childes play. You should rather go play with your Lagos and leave the real games alone.

    If you want to just copy these into a new post, I'll delete this one.


  • Thanks very much and im sorry about the language.
  • Hey Brian, i was wondering if you could put out my posts that had the profanity in them.. and put *** where curse words are.. i apologize for the language.. but this topic tends to get me kinda heated.. i will not use any more curse words... i am sorry...
  • Hey Hicks,

    I don't see any that I hid. I think everything else is cool. :)


  • Look, Halo 2 does not come close to HL2. I myself being a PC HL nut am slightly biased but truth be told... HALF-LIFE 2 will own halo2. Lets do the math:
    Story= HL2 wins
    Graphics= HL2 wins
    Multiplayer= HL2 wins
    there it is, simply Half-life 2 will own halo 2. cant wait for the release... how many days... i cant wait!!! i think half-life2 will create a new generation of gamers.
  • toddeh u missed
    XBOX + HALO + crapy controler + $50 multiplayer= shit rip off

    PC + HL2 + mouse + free multi = good value fragin
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