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  • Hi Brian Welcome here. Can I just suggest you add a title to your posts ;-)
  • nah.. the 'gamergirls' are better looking..

  • Haha. I did the same thing. I'm not quite that close, but I am walking distance from my office in NYC (literally, 6 minutes).

    I've been going in on the weekends to do my studying (I'm in school part-time).

    It blurs the line between work and home - and I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not yet :)
  • I've been thinking about getting a Tablet, but, my main concern has been that I won't be able to (or won't want to) do development on it. It sounds like this is the case for you? Do you think a newer, more powerful, Tablet would change that?
  • You're not going to write code on a tablet using the pen. I wouldn't develop with a slate model either.

    But that's exactly why I bought the convertible Acer C110. It's a 900mhz Pentium-M (it benchmarks close to my P4 2ghz machine) with 512 MB DDR ram and a 40 GB HD. There are even more powerful machines on the market (including the C111).

    That's the beauty of the convertible - it's a laptop (a small one at that) AND a tablet. I get what I want when I need it, and I don't sacrifice on either end.

    Try reading an e-book or browsing the web from the couch on that hefty laptop (or any laptop for that matter - the form factor just isn't conducive to that!).
  • I should have been a little clearer. The tablet itself is great for programming, as long as you have a keyboard attached. I'm needing to do a bunch of stuff with Virtual PC and Longhorn now and so I needed the extra power.

    The slate is great as a reader/notetaker and a bunch of other stuff. :)
  • I have both teh tablet Tim has (Acer C110) and a compaq evo N800v (not "c"). I'm not sure how different that is from the "c". I still prefer to do my development work in front of my desktop machine. I would not be able to use the tiny Acer as my full time dev box. And even with the (relatively) gargantuan laptop (screen and keyboard) I still am most comfortable with my 19" monitor and my truly full sized keyboard for long hauls. DOn't get me wrong - i LOVE my little Acer and I am at the laptop (compaq) right now. I use it to telecommute from the kitchen to my office (downstairs). :-)
  • It looks pretty neat ... Although I have a hard time convincing myself to part more of my *ahem* hard earned cash on subscription services :)
  • Unfortunately for the media, if it ain't Britany or Michael - they are not interested.. :-)
  • Looks great, todays Astronomy picture of the day has a nice Panorama ...

    Just hope its a got a little robot that can go give Beagle a tow :)

  • Great stuff! I started my career about 20 years ago working on astrophysics projects( The guys at JPL were always upto something good.. :-)
  • Nova (PBS) has a documentary 'Mars: Dead or Alive' ( just saw the first part.. next one is on Tuesday night..
  • Cool, watching it now. I also caught part of some coverage by The Science Channel earlier today. Very nice
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