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December, 2004


    Visual C++ 2005 Page Updated

    Today we propped an updated Visual C++ 2005 page. I'm going to try to aggregate as much VC 2005 information as I can there until we launch the product, so you might want to bookmark this as a reference for Visual Studio 2005, C++/CLI, and Visual C++ 2005 Express. Check it out here:
    Visual C++ 2005
    Want to get the scoop on Visual C++ 2005? Below you'll find links to Visual C++ 2005 information. We'll add more information as we get closer to release
    In reviewing the articles for the page, I rediscovered some really great content. For example, be sure to check out Brandon Bray's webcast series, The New C++. If you have time off this holiday season, take some time to get familiar with the changes to Visual C++ 2005 and maybe download a copy of the Visual C++ 2005 Express Beta to play a bit. Finally, be sure to check out Kenny Kerr's article, C++: The Most Powerful Language for .NET Framework Programming. (Which I now see that I need to add to the new page.)

    Free Visual Studio Partner Product DVD

    I saw this on a couple of the blog sites and since I didn't even know about it, I thought I should share it with Visual C++ Developer Center visitors:
    Order Your Free Partner Product DVD
    Get the most of your investment in Visual Studio .NET with the best of breed third party tools, languages, and components.

    Order this free DVD and receive over 65 tools, components and languages from Visual Studio Industry Partners. These full version and evaluation products can help save you time and money building applications for Microsoft Windows, mobile devices, the Web, and Web services.

    Microsoft's Spyware Strategy


    New article on the Security at Home site about spyware:

    Microsoft's strategy for addressing spyware and other potentially unwanted software

    Microsoft's vision for anti-spyware is that customers should be empowered to make informed decisions about the software that installs and runs on their computers. Microsoft will take steps toward this vision by making it easier for customers to gain insight into what's running on the system, to better discern good software from bad software, and to block and remove spyware from a PC.


    Coolest Pocket PC Calculator


    I found the coolest little Pocket PC calculator today. It's called SpaceTime. I can't believe that I hadn't found this earlier, but it's a very advanced graphing calculator for the Pocket PC. They have a special running right now, so I picked it up today for 40% off. Check it out here:

    SpaceTime Mobile
    SpaceTime 1.6, a revolutionary graphing calculator  for the Pocket PC empowers your mobile device with 2D, 3D, and 4D graphing and nearly all the mathematical capabilities of a TI-83 Calculator.


    Camera Phones and Crime

    One last thing to think about while you're out shopping these last few days before Christmas:
    Camera Phone Criminals Targeting Holiday Shoppers
    ORLANDO, Fla. -- Thieves armed with camera cell phones are using the devices to steal credit card numbers, bank account numbers and even ATM numbers from holiday shoppers, according to a Local 6 News report.
    Drudge links to this and a number of other bizarre holiday stories. :)

    Microsoft Acquires Anti-Spyware Leader GIANT Company

    Spyware is one of the bigger concerns I get questions about through the MSDN Security Developer Center. Get the details here:
    Microsoft Acquires Anti-Spyware Leader GIANT Company
    REDMOND, Wash. -- Dec. 16, 2004 -- Microsoft Corp. today announced that it has acquired GIANT Company Software Inc., a provider of top-rated anti-spyware and Internet security products. Microsoft will use intellectual property and technology assets from the acquisition to provide Microsoft® Windows® customers with new tools to help protect them from the threat of spyware and other deceptive software. In addition, key personnel from GIANT Company will be joining Microsoft's security efforts.

    New .NET Show Episode: ADFS

    There's a new .NET Show posted just in time for the holidays. Check it out here:

    Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS, formerly known as "TrustBridge"), is an identity and access management solution which provides a secure environment for managing user identities, authentication methods, and access rights across an organization's various departments, offices, and regions.

    In this episode we talk with David McPherson and Don Schmidt about not only how ADFS will support these capabilities in the future, but also how using Authorization Manager in your solutions today will enable you to be ready for ADFS when it is available.

    Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1 Release Candidate Available

    The Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1 Release Candidate is now available. Here's a link to the WIndows Server System page for the release candidate:
    Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1 Release Candidate
    On this page you'll find information for Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1 (SP1) Release Candidate (RC). This version of the software is intended only for installation in a test environment. We advise against installing and evaluating beta software on any production computers.
    And this is a link to the page in the download center:
    Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1 Release Candidate (32-bit)
    Install Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1 (SP1) Release Candidate (RC) to help secure your server and to better defend against hackers. Windows Server 2003 SP1 RC enhances security infrastructure by providing new security tools such as Security Configuration Wizard, which helps secure your server for role-based operations, improves defense-in-depth with Data Execution Protection, and provides a safe and secure first-boot scenario with Post-setup Security Update Wizard. Windows Server 2003 SP1 RC assists IT professionals in securing their server infrastructure and provides enhanced manageability and control for Windows Server 2003 users.

    RSS Feeds for Mike Howard and Keith Brown

    We put together a couple of RSS feeds for your aggregating pleasure. You can now subscribe to feeds of MSDN articles written by security experts Michael Howard and Keith Brown. These feeds will work in your aggregator, or you can even read them directly in Internet Explorer.

     Mike Howard's Security Articles

     Keith Brown's Security Articles

    If everything works the way it should, you'll get a new entry any time each of these guys publishes a new article. Mark is putting together a page to make this all easier to read. I'll post a link when it's live.


    .NET Passport 2.5 SDK Available

    I saw on ActiveWin that this was updated on the download center this week. Check it out here:
    .NET Passport 2.5 Software Development Kit: Software and Documentation
    Microsoft .NET Passport is a suite of Web-based services that help make using the Internet and purchasing online easier and faster. .NET Passport provides users with single sign-in (SSI) capability at a growing number of participating sites, reducing the amount of information users must remember or retype. In addition, Microsoft Kids Passport can help your Web site comply with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) passed by Congress in November 1998. (COPPA requires that operators of online services or Web sites obtain parental consent prior to the collection, use, disclosure, or display of the personal information of children.)
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