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February, 2005


    New MSN Search

    It looks like this released. I'm pretty excited about this because I use MSN Explorer and it wasn't as convenient to hit the beta page from that browser as it is to use the MSN Search Toolbar. You can find an article about it here:
    Microsoft antes up with new search engine
    Microsoft Corp.'s competition with Google moved from the practice field to the big leagues yesterday as the Redmond company released a finished version of its internally developed MSN Search engine.
    Here's a link to the press release.
    Here's a link to MSN Search.
    The URL is
    And this is a link to the search feature tour.

    Photo Collage with Digital Image Pro 10


    I found this great post by Mike Matas (via tuaw) about how you can create these really cool collages using iPhoto on the Mac. That got me thinking that this could also be done in Digital Image Pro 10. It actually works! And I think you might end up with a little more flexibility in the end because of the extra tools that Digital Image Pro has for adding text and doing touchup.

    Here are the steps:
    1. In Microsoft Digital Image Library (Part of Digital Image Pro), select the photos that you want to add to your collage. You'll need about 48 photos for an 8 by 10 page. (For this example, I just used some old photos from a Florida vacation I happened to have on my laptop.)
    2. From the File menu in Digital Image Library, choose Print Index Sheet. This will open Digital Image Pro.
    3. Use the wizard to print the index sheet. Set the size of the page to something that approximates the poster you want to create. This can make for a pretty big file, so you can use a virtual printer driver like the one from Office 2003 or CutePDF if you don't want to print the page yourself.
    4. On the second panel of the Print Index Sheet wizard, make sure to check Keep this file opened in the Files pallet so I can save. After you click the Print button, you'll have Digital Image Pro project that you can save, adjust, crop, or edit.
    5. Save the project in the graphic format of your choice and then use any online printing service to get your poster printed. (I haven't tried this yet, but I'm guessing it will work just fine.)

    Here's a link to the finshed file. In addition to making a cool poster, this looks like a great way to make some sweet wallpaper for your desktop. :) I would imagine that you could do this in any of the currently available consumer photo software and lets you create contact sheets. Let me know if this works for you.

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