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Sara Ford's Editor Tip of the Day

Sara Ford's Editor Tip of the Day

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Sara Ford is posting a new Visual Studio Editor tip as often as she's able to. This is great stuff. You can see her first post here, and these are a few of the recent tips she's written:

Did you know… How to use Full Screen Mode? (Shift+Alt+Enter)

Use Ctrl-K Ctrl-C to comment selection and Ctrl-K Ctrl-U to uncomment selection

Did you know… How to have fun with the Visual Studio Find Combo Box

Update: Here's a link to the category list.

  • Sara,

    By the way there are more here..

    I have a quick question(probably a lame question!).

    Why there is a difference in the way the shortcuts keys work for Web Application(VB.NET) and C# Class Library Application in the same VS.NET?

    For Ex: Ctrl M + Ctrl L unfolds all the outlines in the C# code. But doesnt work well in VB.NET(ASP.NET web application).I mean toggling outlines.

  • Oops, i posted it in Brians blog.
    I will repost it in Saras Blog!
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