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April, 2005


    Product Feedback for WSE and Indigo

    Matt Powell posted the other day that the Product Feedback Center can now be used to provide Microsoft with your feedback and suggestions on WSE and Indigo. Here's a link to Matt's post:

    Give Us Your Feedback on WSE and Indigo
    Well, we have recently rolled out the capability for folks using Web Services Enhancements and Indigo to take advantage of the Product Feedback Center.  Not only can you submit bugs or suggestions on these products, you can also provide your 2 cents on which bugs are the most important ones for us to address.


    Windows Media Developer Center

    I know that this is something a lot of devs will be glad to see; the Windows Media Developer Center. I'm told that the plans are for this site to grow over time, but looking it over I'm seeing a great start.

    What I did this weekend...


    This is mostly for my friends that probably wonder where I disappeared to on Friday. I took the day off because it was my anniversary and I wanted to spend the day with my wife. We didn't do anything big, I brought her some flowers and Starbucks in the morning and we went out to lunch in the afternoon. I always tell the kids the story of their birth on each of their birthdays and they seem to get a kick out that, so I now also do that with anniversaries and other important events.

    I got out of the Marine Corps on April 3, 1992. I flew to Madison, Wisconsin to hang out with some of my (Pi Lamb) frat brothers (a few of whom were still living in the house) and we went out and tore up the town. We talked a lot about what I was going to do now that I was out of the Marines. Most of them were either military, working, or in law school. My plan was to go to graduate school for English lit, and so they were going to rent me this apartment that we had in the basement of the house. The weekend went pretty quickly and the last thing we did was go to Milwaukee for a Brewers game. After the weekend was over I went home to Edgerton and got good nights sleep.

    That Monday morning, I decided I wasn't ready for the real world yet, and so I called my friend Susan in Orlando. Her roommate answered and said Susan wasn't around but that I was welcome come on down, so I did. Susan and her roommate were waitresses at the Hard Rock Cafe and I found myself in that place within a day of that call. I spent a great week in Orlando and the girls got me a job at the Hard Rock, so I stayed. I hit it off with the roommate and we ended up getting married in 1994.

    It's amazing to me that these little events in your life shape everything else that goes on. It also makes me think that good things can happen to you at any time. You've got to be ready, or you might just miss them. :)

    So this weekend, we celebrated our 11th anniversary. We did a little shopping, we played with the kids, we watched bad horror movies, and we even did our taxes. It was a great weekend. (Except for the taxes)


    MSDN Forums Beta


    You take one day off and all sorts of stuff happens... Josh Ledgard has information on the new MSDN Forums now in Beta. I think this is going to be a great way for developers to get information and I'm pretty excited about it. Here's the link to the forums page:

    Congratulations to Josh and his team and to the MSCOM Community team.


    Experience Pack for Tablet PC

    Microsoft has shipped the Experience Pack for the Table PC. This is really a must-have if you've got a tablet. I was able to sit in on a demo that one of the developers gave to Duncan a few weeks ago. They used some of Duncan's code in the project which is pretty exciting. Duncan has more information here, and this is a demo on Channel9.


    This is interesting. Can you get in? :)

    Visual C++/Security/Team System Webcast


    Update 2: I changed the link below to take you to a page from which you can view this Webcast on demand.

    Update: This turned out to be a really good Webcast. (I never doubted it would.) I'll add a link to the archive as soon as I can get it.

    There's a Webcast tomorrow (Wed April 6th at 1:00 PM PST)  that covers all of my favorite topics, Security, Visual C++, and Team System. And it's all given by Microsoft Visual C++ Program Manager Brandon Bray. That's bound to be a winner. :)
    Get the details here:

    MSDN Webcast: Building Secure Applications with Visual C++ and Visual Studio Team System
    Live Webcast, Wed, 06 Apr 2005 21:00:00 GMT

    Want to learn more about the security enhancements in the upcoming release of Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 and Visual Studio Team System? During this webcast we will walkthrough a variety of new security enhancements Visual C++ 2005 and Visual Studio Team System will provide. The discussion begins with an overview of fundamental design principles for building secure applications and explains how these map to core changes in the underlying C and C++ libraries. Learn valuable tools and techniques for writing secure code and tracking down runtime errors that take advantage of the latest enhancements in Visual C++, such as runtime security checks for detecting buffer exploits, and the ability to analyze source code using Visual Studio Team System to identify deeply hidden security vulnerabilities.


    Express Webcasts

    Interested in learning a little more about the Visual Studio 2005 Express Editions? Check out the Express Webcasts page. There are upcoming webcasts on Visual Basic 2005 Express Edition, Visual C# 2005 Express Edition, and Visual Web Developer Express Edition. Get the details, times, and dates here:
    Coding4Fun Webcast Series
    via MSDN Student Flash.

    Dev Center blog links are being updated

    This weekends MSDN blogs server upgrade has caused a few of the blog feeds on the Developer Centers to go blank. We're fixing those this morning as quickly as we're able to.
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