Kent has a post up about the changes we've made on MSDN in light of the release of Visual Studio 2005 Beta 2. Kent and Chris Dahl have been driving this effort on the MSDN side and they've done a spectacular job. Here's a link to Kent's post:

Soon == Now();
Well, as we've been promising for a while, and as some MSDN Subscribers have noticed, Beta 2 is in the wild. MSDN Subscribers can download the VSTS bits from the subscriber downloads page, and everyone else can get Express. Getting these pages built and up has been an ... interesting experience, with major heavy lifting from most of the people on the Content Strategy, Site Management and Developer Division Technical Marketing Team.

Read the whole thing for the list of site changes.

When installing express, please be sure to follow these instructions before you install over  a previous Visual Studio 2005 Express beta product.