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May, 2005


    Bill Gates MEDC Keynote

    The Windows Embedded Team is reporting that Billg's keynote will be Webcast live on Tuesday.
    Didn't come to MEDC? Don't fret, the keynote will be a live Webcast!
    Bill Gates is giving the keynote speach to Mobile and Embedded Developers Tuesday. If you couldn't come (tsk tsk, maybe next year?), you can at least watch the webcast of the speech live from Las Vegas, 9am - 10:30am Pacific.
    Keynote page link.

    F-Secure Blog

    Slashdot is linking to an interesting story on the F-Secure blog. The story is pretty good, but I think the blog is the real find here. It's awesome. Check it out:
    Weblog : News from the Lab
    Welcome to the weblog of the F-Secure Antivirus Research Team, maintained by the personnel in charge of analysing virus samples at F-Secure.

    Windows Server 2003 R2 Customer Preview Program

    The Windows Server 2003 Customer Preview Program site is now online. What is Windows Server 2003 R2? From the FAQ:
    Windows Server 2003 R2, an update release of the Windows Server 2003 operating system, makes it easier and more cost effective to extend connectivity and control to identities, locations, data, and applications throughout and beyond your organization.
    Here's a link to the new page with information about getting the preview:
    Windows Server 2003 R2 Customer Preview Program
    Be among the first to experience the upcoming version of the Windows Server operating system, which helps you extend connectivity and management throughout your organization.

    Buffy's First Ball Game


    The catcher waiting to play
    Originally uploaded by brianjo.
    This set of pictures is from two weeks ago, but I was having trouble posting them to my blog automatically. Anyway, she's having a great time playing T-Ball. I shot video of last week's game. That's coming soon. :)

    Meltdown 2005 Registration Open


    It looks like registration is now open for Meltdown, which is scheduled for July 26 and 27 in Seattle. (I'm bugging my boss now to let me go.) Here's the page with the details:

    Meltdown 2005 - Gathering the Superheroes of Game Development
    Join us at Meltdown 2005 in Seattle to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of DirectX. Prepare to usher in the next era of amazing gaming and graphics for Windows with two solid days of presentations and demos spanning five tracks. Learn what's under the hood of Visual Studio 2005, what new advancements are coming in Windows Graphics Foundation and what to expect from Windows codename 'Longhorn' that will make it the biggest Windows launch since Windows 95. Discover how the business of creating, selling and distributing games is maturing and how you can best prepare yourself, your titles and your company for the continued wave of innovation that only is found on Windows PC's.

    Even if you're not interested in going, check out the site for the cool graphics. :)


    VS2005/Express Install Issues


    We know that some people are having difficulty with the Visual Studio 2005 installation process and so we have some resource pages available right now. This weekend, we posted a tool to help clean up a previous installation (Beta 1 or CTP) before installing Beta 2. Here's the list of documents and tools currently available:

    Visual Studio 2005 Beta 2 Install Issues
    This page contains links to the uninstall pages for both Visual Studio 2005 and for the express editions. In addition, this page contians a link to a new uninstall utility that can help you clean up if your uninstall didn't finish properly.

    Uninstall Beta 1 Visual Studio 2005 Express Editions
    This page contains the steps for uninstalling express. If you follow this in order, you should be set to go.

    Uninstall Beta 1 Visual Studio Standard, Professional Editions
    Same for this one. Follow the steps and you shouldn't have any trouble with your installation of Visual Studio 2005 Beta 2. If you do have trouble, see the Install Issues link above.


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