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Microsoft Response to Hurricane Katrina

Microsoft Response to Hurricane Katrina

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The Microsoft Disaster Relief Page was updated tonight with a statement about Hurricane Katrina.
Microsoft Response to Hurricane Katrina
Published: August 31, 2005
Every one of us at Microsoft is deeply saddened by the destruction of property and personal lives in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, and our hearts go out to the hundreds of thousands of people who have been affected by the storm and its aftermath.
This page has links to many different relief agencies, so this is a good place to start if you're considering a contribution.
  • I think the response to both events (Tsunami and Katrina) by Microsoft is weak. My own employer, much smaller in terms of revenue and market cap has chipped in the same as well as matching employee contributions. Many other large companies have come up short as well. I hope they may be preparing to give more after new needs arise.
  • I think that Microsoft is doing a wonderful job of corporate citizenship. I won't repeat the previous chaps reasons; I don't want to be-labor the point.

    Rather than point the finger at who should donate more shouldn't we all be looking in the mirror and saying how much "Can I donate".

    We aren't wealthy but we have given generously (within our means) and we will probably dig into our pockets several more times over the next few months. We've given enough that it will put a dent in our bank account. You nay sayers should dent your own bank accounts instead of MS bashing, you'll actually accomplish something useful.
  • As an employee of Microsoft, I am disappointed at the level of the company's cash donation. Try $10M not $1M.
  • Wow, how far this country has digressed.
    The whole “I hate the rich, because they only give me a little” attitude is disgusting.
    This tragedy is not even two weeks old. Microsoft has a tradition of helping in huge ways that are not even talked about. They did donate $1M up front. Of course there will be countless other ways they will help, as they always do.
    Those of you that are so afraid that the “evil” empire won’t do it’s share, simply because they are not in the habit of advertising what they’ve done, need to do more research before your incessant whining continues.
    We all want to be successful, and yet so many of us love to hate those who are.
  • The Relief Effort doesn't need help in "huge ways that are not even talked about". They need money. And lots of it.

    A lot of people are going to be buying new computers in the aftermath of this. And 99.9% of those computers will be running with Windows. Unless Microsoft plans on giving away those OS's, which I seriously doubt, they will be making a sizable profit on insurance and relief money. Considering the amount of money that runs through that company and its executives, 1 or even 10 mil is a sickeningly small amount. Reading that the Gates Foundation is donating collectivly 2.25 mil is making me sick to my stomach. How much is Bill G. actually writing out of his own pocket? The richest man in the world? He needs to act like it... I heard his house has personalized rooms with temperature and music and paintings and everything personilized when someone walks into the room. Maybe he could funnel some of his toy money into actually rebuilding houses for these people sleeping the streets. And yes, I have donated both time and effort and money to this cause(a considerable amount more than Microsoft, considering that I am in debt)
  • I would also like to point out that Microsoft has "donated" 3 MSAM trucks (Microsoft Across America) to help with communications. These trucks are equipped with a satellite internet connection. You can add the cost of keeping the trucks operational and keeping employees away from home (drivers, techs, fuel, hotels, etc...) to the donations... and no, I'm not an employee either... imagine if every house-hold donated $1... you wouldn't need Microsoft to donate more. Stop complaining and help out a little yourself.
  • A commercial spot would cost Microsoft much more. There is too much rationalsm in their decisions.

    The tax-payer will pay the bill and that is more than $1. And good news for Microsoft. The taxes are reduced for this company. Hopefully the people don't understand this system.

  • Point taken. With that in mind, these trucks allow hundreds of people a day to register (I assume with the government) to get money. The average turn around time (again, from what I hear) is 24-48 hours. Much faster then waiting for FEMA to do their job. I would much rather know my tax dollars went to this cause than most of the other causes it could be used for. So as long as MS doesn't do like the beer company (I forget which one) - send water to the east coast in their beer bottles (I forget what for), then make a commercial telling everyone how nice they were for doing so... as long as this doesn't happen, I'm all for it.
    Wouldn't it be wonderful if all companies wanted that tax break? If you could save money while helping people, wouldn't you? I agree, they could have helped more... but then, I'm the type of person that would rather praise someone for donating $5 than to criticise them for donating $1 million.
    My guess is that if they donated $10M, people would say "they just did it to get their company talked about"... ah well... that's all I have to say on the subject. Good day.
  • Will you all stop pointing fingers and start acting; This is Lives we are talkin about; We need a solution and we need it fast.
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