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November, 2009


    Happy Birthday to BizSpark!


    News from the PDC…

    Microsoft’s BizSpark Fires Up Startups, Ignites a Community: Marking its one-year anniversary at PDC 2009, BizSpark continues to gain momentum, expand its reach with new offers, and put partners at the center of the equation to turn startups into successful businesses.

    Microsoft’s BizSpark Fires Up Startups, Ignites a Community

    REDMOND, Wash. — Nov. 17, 2009 — For thousands of entrepreneurs huddling in coffee shops to thrash out business plans or tinkering in garages to build innovative applications, Microsoft’s BizSpark program has not only accelerated their software development process but also fine-tuned the equation for startup success by providing access to business acumen and mentorship.

    Almost exactly a year ago, Microsoft launched BizSpark, a global program designed to catalyze the success of entrepreneurs by making Microsoft’s end-to-end software solutions available to early-stage startups with no upfront costs. In creating BizSpark, Microsoft realized that the startup community requires more than the right technology tools to succeed. Startups also need access to marketing channels, creative partnerships and coaching from industry experts. BizSpark was developed with that perspective in mind — to deliver a holistic infrastructure that supports startups and the entrepreneurial community on a worldwide basis.



    Windows Azure Briefings in the US East Region


    I wanted to pass along information about these Azure events in the East in December.


    We’ve all heard about the industry shift to the Cloud, but are you jumpstarting your Windows Azure business to be a part of it?

    You are cordially invited to attend the fall Professional Developer Partner Briefing. You will not just hear the usual, but you will hear new insights and points of views from Microsoft’s well-known industry experts and a perspective from a leading edge partner company on what the Windows Azure opportunity means for your organization. We will demonstrate how you will be able to change the face of your business and introduce new revenue streams for building solutions for our customers.

    Have you pondered the business opportunity behind Azure? 

    Do you want to know how to:

    • Leverage the opportunity and get started / engage your customer?
    • Assess an organization for Azure and help them determine their S+S strategy?
    • Compute cloud charges and determine the ROI of migrating to the cloud?
    • Determine what best practices to apply in migrating applications to Azure?

    At this briefing you will:

    • Receive a recap of key highlights and announcements about Windows Azure
    • Hear from a leading Azure partner on how to get-started identifying and developing Azure opportunities
    • Hear from peers within your network about real projects and business development initiatives
    • Participate in an ask-the-experts panel discussion to get the answers you need to move forward with Azure

    Who should attend?

    This is a business development briefing for Microsoft Partners, specifically system integrators, who build custom developed solutions.  Partner attendees most likely to benefit from this briefing include:

    • Executive Technology/ Business Liaisons
    • Technology Decision Makers
    • Development and Architecture Leaders


    8:00 am

    Register, Breakfast

    8:30 am


    8:45 am

    Key announcements on Azure

    9:15 am

    Building An Azure Business Practice

    10:15 am


    10:30 am

    Showcase of Azure Business Models

    11:15 am

    Ask-The-Experts Panel Discussion

    11:45 am

    Recap and Takeaways



    Seating is limited, so register now by clicking on a city “near you” below.



    Event ID

    Registration Link

    Atlanta, GA

    Dec 2, 2009


    Tampa, FL

    Dec 3, 2009


    Waltham, MA

    Dec 7, 2009


    Philadelphia, PA

    Dec 9, 2009


    Pittsburgh, PA

    Dec 15, 2009


    Optionally call 1-877-MSEVENTS or visit and provide the event ID.

    For more information on this event and other partner communications visit the Partner Evangelism team blog at


    Sanjay on Incubation Week for Azure in Atlanta


    Sanjay has a nice writeup on the final day of Incubation Week in Atlanta last week. Sounds like it was very productive for everyone.


    Evangelism for Microsoft ISVs, BizSpark Startups & Network Partners : Day5: Microsoft BizSpark Incubation Week for Azure @ Atlanta 13Nov09


    Elite Web Optimization Event in Boston in December


    I’ll be at this event in Boston on December 9th. Check out the details and the registration link below.


    Elite Web Optimization Event

    New England Research and Development Center (NERD)
    1 Memorial Drive, Cambridge, MA 02142

    December 9th 2009 10:00AM-6:00PM

    Come spend a day with us to explore the Microsoft Windows Web Platform and the many managed hosting services provided by NaviSite, Inc., based in Andover, MA!

    During this event, we’ll review what’s new in the Microsoft Web Platform and tools, the interoperability improvements in the Microsoft Web platform and the value that NaviSite Managed Hosting can add to your project/business.

    We will discuss:

    • MS Web Platform – IIS management Console, Hyper – V and the Dynamic Data Center, SQL Server 2008 Web Edition, IISMedia Services3.0
    • MS Interoperability – PHP on Windows, Web-PI, PHP Drivers in MS SQL Server 2008
    • MS Web Tools – Visual Studio, Expression, Silverlight
    • (Hosting Partner) services and value add
    • WebsiteSpark Program
    • The Great PHP on Windows Contest
    • Microsoft Partner Evangelism Initiative

    All attendees will be entered into a drawing to win one of the following:

    • Copy of Win7
    • Xbox360 Elite
    • ZuneHD
    • 8GB Zune
    • FREE NaviSite Windows Dedicated Server for 2 Months

    For more info: call NaviSite at: 1-866-322-1905

    Visit us at:


    TechDrawl Interview on Incubation Week in Atlanta


    Cool. Interview with Murray Gordon about BizSpark Incubation Week next week in Atlanta from TechDrawl. We’ll try to keep everyone posted with information about that event on the blogs and through Twitter next week.

    image Microsoft BizSpark Incubation Week for Entrepreneurs

    by Ben Dyer on November 5, 2009

    We had the pleasure on interviewing Murray Gordon of Microsoft on the date on the Windows 7 launch. Mr. Gordon, a West Point graduate, talks in this video about the BizSpark Incubation Week for Windows Azure, a session that begins in Atlanta Monday November 9 and concludes on Friday November 13.  This week is intended to advance five start-ups from prototype to code using daily seminars and overnight coding services in India.  A number of local notable entrepreneurs will be presenting to the teams, and yours truly and others will be judging the results on Friday.

    TechDrawl - Technology Startups from D.C. to Texas

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