The Microsoft fiscal year (FY) started on July 1, and it’s our time of year to do things like plan our career path, training, etc. I was just looking at the training I did in Redmond (around) 10 years ago and I thought it would be interesting to post the list. Some of the classes were several hours per week or a week at a time, others are one-off lectures. Amazing to think that .NET was so new then…

C Programming II

Hacking Exposed - Live

NEO - New Employee Orientation

HailStorm Introduction

New Employee Family Orientation

Introduction to the Managed Extensions to C++

Visual Basic: Intermediate

Managing Cross-Product Partnerships

Win32 Programming

MSR Tech Festival 2002

Windows Programming in C

Rapid Development: The Ten Myths

Building .NET Applications

Scripting: Learning Perl

C++ Programming

Securing and Deploying .NET Assemblies

COM 1: Component Objects

Sysinternals: A Tour of these Powerful Tools

Debugging Windows Applications

Targeting Mobile Devices with Active Server Pages+

HTML+TIME (SMIL) 2.0 in Internet Explorer 5.5

The New WinDBG - the Tool for Hardcore Debuggin

MSR Tech Festival 2001

Using Windows Installer For Your Application

The Key to C#: Q&A with Anders Hejlsberg

Visual Basic .NET: Introduction - Online

.NET Framework And Tools

Visual C++ Internal Awareness Week: June 24 - 28, 2002

.NET Mobile Web Software Development Kit (SDK)

Visual Studio for Applications .NET Application Customization

.NET: An Introduction

Windows Installer: An Introduction

ADO.NET: Introduction

Windows NT/2000/XP/Server 2003/Vista OS Internals

Announcing IceCAP 4.1: The Tip of the Iceberg

Writing Secure Code – Enough is Enough!

Buffer Overruns in Depth

Writing Solid Code

C# Programming

Xbox .NET: Setting the Standard for Online Console Gaming

C++ Workshop: Advanced Managed Extensions

VS .NET Languages: Introduction to Visual C++ .NET

C++: Managed Extensions

Microsoft Developer Fundamentals

COM Fundamentals

Dynamics of UI Design and Program Management, Version 2.0

Design Day 2002

Extending the .NET Framework

Design without wasting time

Frameworks Class Library: A Whirlwind Tour

Designing Windows XP Icons