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  • Blog Post: Holiday SPOT Watch Faces

    For your MSN Direct watch. Get them now . Happy Holidays!
  • Blog Post: Steve Makofsky: How Many Gadgets Do You Carry?

    The other day, Steve asked, " How Many Gadgets Do You Carry? " Since I carry a few things and I use a lot of computers, I decided to put together a little Visio picture that shows the major computers that I use in my work and my personal life. (I'll let you draw in the connecting lines. I think that...
  • Blog Post: New MSN Direct Movie Channel

    I added this last night, but you can get movie listings on your SPOT watch now. I added the channel last night and I just remembered to take a look at it today. It works really well. Very easy to read. You look at the list of movies and choose from there, or you can pick your favorite theater and get...
  • Blog Post: SPOT Development

    Sorry, this is short notice, but I just found this on the Mobility Developer Center : Calling all Developers! The Microsoft Smart Personal Objects Technology (SPOT) group is looking for talented developers to create 'Channel' applications for the Smart Watch initiative - with payment of up to ...
  • Blog Post: MSN Direct Site Updated

    I see that the MSN Direct site was updated. It's a good looking redesign and there's some new information for developers: Check out the developer info here: Calling all Developers Our request for proposal (RFP) is soliciting bids for the design, development, and testing of applications for the...
  • Blog Post: MSN Direct Updated

    My watch just beeped to tell me that football (American style) and new watch faces are now available through MSN Direct . You can now control the additional faces that you use. This is very exciting, I can't wait to start getting the Packer/Badger scores on the watch. :)
  • Blog Post: MLB Online in Wired

    I caught this article in Wired: Baseball Hits a Homer Online . I've been using this service through my MSN Premium account and it's really great. Combined with the baseball on the SPOT watch and the MSN Alerts that get sent to the cell phone I can really keep track of what's going on with the Mariners...
  • Blog Post: SPOT Sports Channel

    The MSN Direct Sports Channel went live. If you're an MSN Direct subscriber, you can add the channel to your watch from the Web page. Basketball for now, baseball at a later date.
  • Blog Post: SPOT Review in the Chicago Sun-Times

    Well written, entertaining, and it includes some quotes. WATCHMAKERS ARM PRODUCTS "The goal (behind SPOT) was that we thought we could make everyday life better and more purposeful through the power of software," said Chris Schneider, senior program manager with Microsoft's SPOT group. I...
  • Blog Post: Don Box Got SPOT

    I saw the other day that Don Box has been wearing a SPOT watch. It sounds like he likes it: I've got a CLI-compliant execution environment strapped to my body
  • Blog Post: Gadgeteer Reviews SPOT Watches

    Julie and Judie review all of the currently available SPOT watches. Lots of pictures and good information. Julie: Wristwatch technology sure has come a long way since my first timepiece. When I was a kid, I remember being so proud of my Buffy and Jody watch from the show Family Affair. Remember...
  • Blog Post: Scoble got SPOT

    Robert Scoble got a SPOT watch yesterday. Very cool. I'm sure he'll have some interesting stuff to say about it soon.
  • Blog Post: Correcting a SPOT Review

    I was reading a recent SPOT review and the following caught my eye: For example, you have to pay Microsoft a monthly fee for the wireless service, either $10 a month or $60 a year up front, plus a $60 activation fee . Yes, you read that right: you've lived to see the day when people pay a monthly...
  • Blog Post: SPOT Watch Update

    After a week with the SPOT, I must say that I'm really enjoying this device. What's really interesting about it is how unobtrusive it is. I've charged it once, but the battery hasn't gone under 75%. I don't spend much time monkeying with the thing... I've got my workstation machine set to fire out updates...
  • Blog Post: SPOT Observations

    I was away from the Microsoft campus on Friday, and so I missed a SPOT presentation that was given to Microsoft employees. I watched the replay this weekend and one of the interesting takeaways was that the radio receiver could be turned off, and in fact that is what they suggest for anyone traveling...
  • Blog Post: Suunto Pics

    I posted a few pictures of the Suunto N3 to my photo site. I just wanted to show what comes in the box and how it fits together for those that might be interested.
  • Blog Post: Got my Spot!

    OK, so I picked up my new Spot Watch today. I decided on the Suunto because I read everything I could about the different watches available and this is a watch I would buy even if it didn't offer this cool new service. I took some pictures, and I'll post in those in a bit. My first impression is that...
  • Blog Post: Craig Skibo got a Spot watch

    Craig got a new MSN Direct watch . Now I have to get one!
  • Blog Post: SPOT Review?

    Not so much a review, as an opinion piece about a product the writer hasn't even used. (And this from ieee.) Check it out: A Dog Named SPOT When Microsoft stops imitating and starts innovating, watch out I'm going to get one of these in the next few weeks and I'll post my impressions then. I see...
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