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Director of ALM Evangelism for Microsoft

March, 2004

  • Brian Keller

    Tony Goodhew joins the blogging circle!


    When I first joined Microsoft as J# product manager, I was taking over the responsibility from Tony Goodhew. Given that he held the reigns over J# prior to me, he fell into an unofficial mentor role for me. I went to Tony almost daily for questions about J#, the JLCA, the history of J++, how to upload stuff to MSDN, the politics of dealing with “Java at Microsoft” (ok, the Java language at Microsoft), and Tony's favorite beer.

    For a good description of Tony (including a picture) check out my former blog entry.

    Check out Tony's blog. He's probably one of the smartest and most entertaining people at Microsoft, so you can be sure he'll always have something good to say.

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    Dan Fernandez, Eric Gunnerson and I recently talked with Julia Lerman about Generics in Whidbey and the differences in .NET-languages for how they were implemented.

    Julia recently blogged that conversation here: 

  • Brian Keller

    Win $100,000


    I just got back from two weeks of travel + R&R, so no time to blog really... but I did find this in my inbox and thought it was really cool! I wish I had time to build an app. :-)

    Does Your Mobile Application Think in Ink?

    Get ready - Microsoft and PC Magazine invite all ISVs to enter our "Does Your App Think in Ink" contest. The best mobile application for Windows XP Tablet PC Edition will win US$100,000--and you don't even have to share any code with Microsoft! Get set - you can develop your Tablet PC Platform SDK application on a standard Windows XP desktop. Go! Contest ends August 31, 2004.

    We've seen a lot of recent interest from grad schools in Tablet PC adoption. They allows students to have a great laptop and take all the notes they need electronically while discouraging them from Web surfing and having a “wall“ (laptop screen) between the student and professor. I think it's the perfect fit - there are already some great apps for the academic space, but if I was going to write an app for the contest above it would probably be in this space somehow. Hmm...

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